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Our origin story

Čížová brewery is located in the Čížová chateau, where beew had been brewed since 1629. Jan Deyum was charged with the reconstruction of the building from the initial form of a fortress into a rural chateu featuring a brewery with a malt house. Jan Deym was member of the Imperial Council, Supreme Court Associate and a capable man in all respects and a respectable historical figure. It was a time of prosperity. 


Later, however, the brewery's prosperity was overturned by the time and even the entire Čížová chateau deteriorated. Fortunately, the village headed by Mayor Mr. Korejs decided to start reparations of this important monument.


The breaking point, which gave momentum to the chateau's return to life was the meeting of the Mayor with a group of five people, the future founders of the Čížová Brewery. These enthusiasts were looking for a place to build a brewery and brew beer. Eventually, the village of  Čížová rented out the west wing of the chateau and this cooperation has enabled the return of the local brewery.

Vstupní dveře do sklepa
Ležácké tanky v Pivovaru Čížová

This building is now under construction and technological equipment from home supplier is being installed. The brewery's annual production will be up to 3000 hl.

Pivovar Čížová company is already selling beer of the Czech Pilsen type. The beer is filled into KEG barrels with a volume of 15 l,  20 l, 30 l and 50 l, 1.5 l PET bottles are also available.

We brew light 10° PEPA, 11° JOSEF lager, 12° OLAF jager, Dark 13° JIRKA and 11° JURA cut semi-dark lager is also available. This is the beginning of a new history of the Čížová Brewery. Beer is brewed from several types of malting barley, hops from the Žatec region and Čížová water.  Beer is unfiltered and unpasteurized in order to preserve the most natural character of the beer.

Our brewery

Patrons of our beers

Josef Nečas - Pepa

Josef Nečas

Olaf Koerner - Olaf

Olaf Körner

Jiří Kálal - Jirka

Jiří Kálal

Martin Hrubeš - Horst

Martin Hrubeš

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